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Profile of Gaotian Group

Launch from dreams and proceed with mission and faith. It is destined to be a Chinese fashion legend, and a journey of confidence for Chinese fashion attitude builders and communicators.

In the world of fashion, Gaotian Group has crossed the broader boundaries of thinking and has been extended from independent brands to diversified brands: the subordinate women’s brands include GAOTIAN, G.JAMEI, ZARILA, ALLAI, EDVRA,and MISUITY. As a fashion innovator in the Chinese women’s fashion brand, the Group is familiar with the use of art of fashion. The combination of Eastern and Western civilizations has produced a unique international expression to the world. The romantic encounter between culture and fashion creates new ideas. Based on the love and dedication of Chinese fashion culture, Gaotian Group inherits a long-standing oriental culture on the road of developing diversified brands, creatively absorbs international elements, and constantly presents international fashion brands, and has become one of the birthplaces of Chinese fashion brands.

Gaotian Group expresses its contemporary Chinese fashion attitude through an international clothing language. The continuous success of creating a fashion brand is a coronation for the realization of dreams.The past is a history of good reputation. Now it is a new journey. What the Group has created is a fashion legend that can stand the test of time.