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Gao Tian, a designer, has been engaged in the garment industry for more than 30 years, and has been focusing on Chinese women’s wear.As China’s luxury women’s wear market continues to mature, Gao Tian adheres to the principle of doing one thing in a lifetime. It is her lifelong pursuit to build a good clothing brand. Gao Tian not only has rich cultural deposits in China, but also has a broad international vision.


In 2011, MISUITY, a Chinese luxury women’s clothing brand, was founded. The design style of MISUITY pursues acme. In addition, MISUITY pays attention to the quality of raw materials, and presents the characteristics of high-end elegance and luxury. The customer orientation group is refined and elegant women, and the top successful female elite in China. As the founder of MISUITY, Gao Tian attaches importance to each product of MISUITY with the principle of “focusing on quality as my only love”, combines with design practice experience, and creates MISUITY with its own unique style through continuous exploration and precipitation. After MISUITY officially entering the Chinese women’s clothing market, MISUITY’s quarterly coat series stood out because of its extreme crafts and rich cultural connotation, which was favored by high-end elite women in domestic business circles, and highly concerned and recognized by the industry and the international media. MISUITY is good enough to compete with the top international brands and is praised as Chinese luxury women’s clothing. MISUITY will continue to challenge itself, transcend itself, and write its own gorgeous movements in the clothing industry. It is the vision of Gao Tian designer to make the Chinese brands go global. It is Gao Tian’s ideal to create Chinese luxury women’s clothing, and make MISUITY’s coat become one of the symbols of Chinese fashion. What Gao Tian insists on is not only the cause, but also the beginning of Chinese luxury goods to the international market.